Santa Rosa Marathon – (5K)

This post could easily be titled ‘Weekend away: how I fell down and still managed to PR my 5K!’. But I’ll get to that later.

This week wasn’t the best… I had a paper deadline that I was stressing about and I was also a bit of an emotional basket case. I was really looking forward to some fun this weekend. I had been planning a trip to Santa Rosa to visit a friend and was super excited about it. We’ve known each other since we were four years old and have shared a lot of memories of tie-dyed t-shirts, camping trips, and watching Empire Record over and over again. Even though we live less than 2hrs away, we don’t get together often. Catching up was definitely in order, as was seeing her newish home.

I got off work Friday and decided to kick off the weekend with an 8 mile run and then a girls night (with another friend). Except the 8 mile run turned into 9.4 (good company though!). And I was way late for my dinner date. And I was generally cranky/starving. We decided to drive to Winters for dinner (about 17 miles away). As luck (much sarcasm here) would have it, the downtown was hosting an Earthquake festival (foreshadowing for Sunday) and the restaurant we wanted to go to, Preserve, was totally booked. I could not wait 30 minutes for a table, so we headed next door to Mexican food.

If you know me, then it will come as no surprise that I am a) not very fond of Mexican food and b) lactose intolerant (though I continue to consume milk products…shame on me). I ordered a quesadilla (apparently my brain was not functioning properly). Dinner was massive.

2014-08-22 20.51.16 And I ate the whole thing. Even though it was rather disgusting. See.2014-08-22 21.05.26We wandered around the festival for a bit and then I went to work after. Lab at 10PM on a Friday night is totally normal… By the time I got home I was seriously sick to my stomach and spent the next 12 hours on the couch in fetal position. All in all a rather terrible start to the weekend.

Around 10am on Saturday I had to decide whether to get up or cancel weekend plans. I decided to go to Santa Rosa. Worst case, I drive there, feel sick, hang out for a bit, and then head home. Somewhere along the drive (while stuck in traffic), I decided that I was feeling better and should definitely sign up to race a 5K. Because weekends away are so much more fun when there is a race involved. So I went to the Santa Rosa Marathon Expo and purchased a bib. Unfortunately I was too late to get a cute t-shirt with Peanuts cartoons on it. Sad.

The rest of Saturday was spent hanging out with my friend. We toured her urban homestead (pictures on her blog here), played with her dog and kitties, and then she took me out for a belated birthday dinner. I had a small salad because after the last 24 hours, all I could think about were fruits and vegetables. It was delicious and just what I needed.

2014-08-23 18.47.52 After dinner, we went out for ice cream at Sub Zero. Yes! The ice cream was made to order and frozen with liquid nitrogen. They even had vegan options for me (excellent).2014-08-23 19.41.24 2014-08-23 19.47.13Even though liquid nitrogen has lost its novelty (working in a lab will do that to you), it was still fun to watch them.

Here we are eating our ice cream. Aw… <3 Such a fun afternoon/evening!
2014-08-23 22.01.31

After the ice cream, we chatted for a while and then went to bed early because we were both very tired. We were abruptly woken up at 3:30am by an earthquake accompanied by some eery light flashes (probably transformers blowing). It was a short earthquake, but we were both very upset and physically shaken. We lived through a major quake (Loma Prieta Earthquake) when we were four years old and the memory hasn’t quite faded… Adrenaline + chatting + playing on internet + fear of aftershocks = not much sleep. Did I mention that it makes me so angry when people say earthquakes are fun? Watching your neighbors house fall down is not entertaining…

Race day came too soon. It was nice and foggy and cool. Perfect race weather. I said my goodbyes and was picked up by my aunt who dropped me off near the course start.

View of the half marathon course from the 5K route.
2014-08-24 07.05.37 I didn’t have high hopes for a great race given that I was recently sick and running on little sleep. I did, however, want a PR because a) running fast is fun and b) I had a bet with someone in my running club about race times. My goal was to keep my pace between 6:50 and 7:10/mile, but I decided to see how I felt once I got out there. Since no one knew I was running the race, if I did poorly, I could easily not tell anyone… Because I was an hour early, I had a lot of time to warm-up and use the bathrooms (lots of port-a-potties, thanks Santa Rosa and Change of Pace!). I met up with my aunt and we chatted while I waited. All in all, it was probably the most relaxing pre-race I have ever experienced.

I lined up on the start line and tried to get as close to the front as possible, but there was a large group of junior high (?) students blocking my path. I worried that they would burn out quickly. And I was right. The buzzer went off and we started running. And I promptly tripped and ate it on the pavement. I am a bit fuzzy on the details, but I think someone slowed way down in front of me. I tried to avoid them by side stepping. Except that I fell down on my side. Fun… I lay on the ground for a few seconds watching runners go by. No one stopped, though I did get some interesting commentary. I got up and assessed the damage.

Hip bruised and scraped.2014-08-24 12.45.30I also managed to get my arm and my palms were bruised (not shown).

2014-08-24 08.28.52

Here is my Garmin’s take on the accident. ;) Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.58.55 PMI contemplated a DNF. Since my legs were fine, I started to run again. My scrapes burned a lot, but I just kept breathing and running. I tried not to look at my watch for a bit and get back into the rhythm of things. When I finally checked my watch it read 2.22. I thought for a second that I had only been running for a little over two minutes. And then I realized I set the screen to give me a distance countdown and pace. Lap time was not included. I had almost gone a mile. Excellent!

The rest of the race flew by. The weather was cool, the course was flat, and the volunteers were very enthusiastic. I did not love the section through downtown with cobblestones, but the rest of the course was nice. I was breathing well and my legs felt pretty strong, though I was definitely hurting toward the end. I managed to finish in 21:38, which is a PR by a long shot.

I don’t like to be too self-congratulatory, but I am very pleased with my performance. I’ve shaved two minutes off my 5K in the last year. Perhaps having no expectation + nice, cool temps + accident adrenaline helped me overcome my mental limitations? Whatever it was, it was definitely a very good race day (and weekend!). Having supportive friends and family who believe in me more than I do myself also helped a lot. ;)

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.50.39 PM

I highly recommend this race as it seemed like a fast course and was very well organized.

2014-08-24 13.00.04

Swimming: SPRINTS and active energy expenditure

2014-08-20 18.08.31

I usually swim three times a week. But due to an exercise study I’m participating in (more blog updates about that later…this depends on whether I am allowed to blog about it), some of my workouts have been canceled. Swimming has suffered a bit as have my GVH speed workouts (but I can’t say I’m sad that I have had to skip mile repeats when it is 90F outside….) On the upside, I get to wear this super fun (and sexy?) Actiheart for 7 days! Hopefully they’ll get some good data on my energy expenditure.

2014-08-20 21.51.02

So back to the pool… I missed Monday’s kicking/pulling set. And I might not go tomorrow because of a lab get-together. Sad. I was very thankful that I made it to the pool this evening because I had a frustrating day at work. Computers were not on my side today and I have a project due tomorrow. Yikes. It was so nice to sprint out the anxiety. I also got to test out my new workout bikini. (In case anyone was counting, I now have five bikini bottoms; I think I have a problem…)

I was slightly worried when I saw a long IM warm-up, but the rest of the set was pretty fun. I love short, high-intensity fin sets! Unfortunately, I forgot my heart rate monitor (required for the study). This will be a bummer for them because they’ll have missing data. And it was a slight bummer for me because I am having way too much fun matching up my perceived effort with my actual heart rate. And I have yet to wear it for sprints. My general feeling is that swimming feels harder than running, but my heart rate is a bit lower (less energy expenditure due to water suspension?). I’m not sure if this is significant or even a trend because I try not to spend my entire workout glancing at my watch.

When I got out of the pool I felt refreshed and clear headed.  I opted to take the rest of the evening off work and blog instead. ;)

Time: 55 mins
Distance: 2,400


Not really feeling like working out this week…stress, stress, and more stress. It happens. And while I would have loved to vege on the couch/sleep/eat pints of ice cream/etc, I didn’t. Instead, I mostly took it easy. And by easy I mean I still exercised for hour almost every day. Just at a very low intensity. I also baked a lot. And left swimming early to window shop on the internet. A new Jolyn suit (apricot, Brazilian bottom) might be arriving in the mail tomorrow. Oh, and I turned 30. Yikes! The birthday thing ended up making for a fun weekend with a lovely party with good friends, some dating back to college, and then fun with family later.

Here are a few highlights from the week.

Blackberry cupcakes. So pretty.
2014-08-15 17.31.11

A whisky sour with dinner.

2014-08-13 20.28.11

Selfies on the couch. Gotta document the last day of my 20s. ;) Loving my new Anthropology shirt (thanks J!). Cute and meets the lab dress code. Yes!
2014-08-12 22.27.14

Monday - Swimming. I did not take a picture but this was a ridiculously hard distance set due to the fact that they lane leader was super fast. I know I said I took it easy, but I lied about this one.

Tuesday - Bike – 20 miles easy. A flat tire help with the easy part. ;)

Wednesday - AM – run (1.8 miles @ 12 mins/mile with dogs); PM – swim (40 mins – IM).

Thursday - AM – run (4.8 miles); PM – swim (60 mins – sprints). I managed to get through morning run at decent pace, but could not bring myself to do swim sprints later. Instead I just swam around pool at moderate pace. It felt fantastic.

Friday - Rest day.

Saturday - Run (7.3 miles at 10 mins/mile). Nice to take it easy and soak in the sun. The poor pups missed out on 2 mile pre-run because I was too tired. Fail. I also took a nap and then slept 8 hours = win.

Sunday - Run (4 miles); bike (12 miles). My dad was visiting. And instead of Sunday morning brick (which has not happened in a while…sad!), we went on a tour of Davis on our bikes. There is course that goes around town called the Davis Bike Loop. It showcases a lot of greenbelt and areas that I don’t often make it too. However it is rather slow going due to traffic, narrow paths, and twists and turns. I am usually too impatient to do this, but it is a fun ride to do with family. It’s fun to slowdown sometimes and take in the scenery. Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.50.17 PM

Someday I plan to run this same loop (half marathon training run for Nov race?). But not soon…because I need to get my mileage back up first!

And with that, I am going to end post so I can relax some more before the start of a new work week.


Lassen Camping

2014-08-10 12.53.41Summer is almost over. While I am looking forward to Fall food and cooler temperatures (and hopefully some rain!), I am slightly sad because I feel that I didn’t play hard enough. You can never have enough trips to the coast, races, and cocktail dates. Some friends from my running club were feeling the same way, so we decided to go camping. The downside of last minute trip planning was that most of California was reserved already. There were still a few spaces available at Lassen Volcanic National Park so we ended up going there. As the name suggests, it is a national park in Northern California that features volcanoes, thermal vents, and alpine lakes. This turned out to be an excellent destination. What do five friends do on a weekend trip? Hiking and more hiking, running, swimming, and of course eating!

2014-08-09 12.05.27We arrived in the park a little after lunch on Saturday and decided that Lassen Peak Trail hike was at the top of our to do list. This was a 5 mile hike with approximately 2,000 feet elevation gain.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.49.43 PMThe trail was very well maintain and featured switchback after switchback. Looking up had a rather dizzying effect (the altitude didn’t help with this either!).2014-08-09 14.00.45

The top of the volcano was well worth the trek because of the amazing views and rocky craters. We hung around for quite some time taking photos and resting. There was even a small patch of snow, but I didn’t get a good picture of it (or much of anything) because I was afraid I’d drop and break my phone on the volcanic rock.

2014-08-09 13.51.14

The hike down went quickly and the only notable thing about it was how much better I felt as I got to lower elevations. Besides a few quick episodes of dizziness, I didn’t really realize how ‘off’ I felt at the summit. My legs also felt more solid and my head clearer. It is really hard to explain the sensation. I didn’t have a headache or nausea (signs of altitude sickness), but it was definitely difficult.

After the hike, we headed to our campground (Summit Lake North – highly recommended) and set up camp. Because we were sweaty after the hike, and there was a beautiful lake right there, we decided to go for a swim. Unfortunately, the lake bottom was covered in a thick layer of brown pond scum. A friend asked if I wanted to swim across the lake. So of course I did… While this was not a particularly far distance, we were still at 6,700 feet and the water was rather cold. Oh, and I didn’t have goggles. I half swam, half flailed across the lake. Upon reaching the other side I found that it was equally murky and I started to have serious doubts whether I wanted to swim back. Walking around the lake in a bikini and bare feet sounded even worse so I sucked it up and swam back. We then proceeded to have an amazing feast of kabobs, pizza, grilled vegetables, salad, chips, guacamole, brownies, wine, and margaritas. Yes! I expected to pass out after a full day, but unfortunately I could not sleep (one of the downsides of camping).

I woke up bright and early and proceeded to wander around the campground for hours until people woke up. We then headed out for a trail run. After my Donner experience, I should have known running in the Sierra’s would be hard. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.29.46 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.50.57 PMI am not sure what I was expecting, but I felt pretty awful the whole time. My legs felt like lead and my heart rate was really elevated (170!?). I felt rather bad for my friend who essentially hiked half of the run with me. I was kind of hoping he’d leave me behind so he could get a decent workout in and I could collapse alongside the trail. I can’t complain too much because the three alpine lakes we passed were beautiful. And we managed to make it back to pack up camp in time for checkout.

After the run, we drove back to the base of Lassen for a dip in Emerald lake (pictured above) and lunch. Food was followed by more hiking, this time to thermal vents. The bad smell and black rain clouds made for a rather interesting experience.

2014-08-10 14.06.24

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend! I was exhausted after and managed to sleep eight hours on Sunday night. My only regret was that I did not take more pictures. Here is to hoping the next adventure is just as fun. ;)



Swim workout: DISTANCE

2014-08-11 18.18.02I had a lot (too much?) of fun this weekend hiking, running, and swimming. I hope to write about it at some later date. The downside of playing hard is tiredness after. Even though I slept 8 hours last night (yes!), I wasn’t feeling like working out today. Luckily it was swimming (distance) = low impact. Unfortunately the set was hard, both mentally and physically. Because our lane leader was super fast we got virtually no rest. Normally I would have panicked, but after a ridiculously hard trail run this past weekend (I seriously wasn’t sure I could finish the run), not being able to catch my breath didn’t seem as bad.

Distance: 2,900
Time: 55 minutes

Workout week (in review) and the Sandman Destroyed my Toenails

Working out is super glamorous. All that sweat and body odor…hot, I know. I’m okay with not being able to have nicely done hair and makeup. But I like my feet and it makes me sad when they get ugly. I’ll spare you the photos of my Half Dome trail running adventure. I lost three toenails, but they grew back. Last weekend I kept my nails (thankfully), but my nail polish was taken off by the sand/rocks. Sad.

2014-08-05 17.14.22

This was quickly remedied after work today.2014-08-05 21.04.41Gotta reward myself for my efforts. My yoga classmates will thank me later.

Speaking of feet pictures, here is one of my running shoes. 2014-06-28 10.37.21Besides the fact that my shoes are ridiculously dirty, you will notice my new fancy lock laces. They are elastic laces that clip in place. They were recommended by a friend who was sick of having to wait for me to retie my shoes during runs. Thus far, I’ve really liked them! They are super fast and easy to secure. I’ve heard a downside is the locking ability will decrease over time. At $8, I’m fine with replacing them if and when that happens. Thus far, I highly recommend them as a running accessory.

Besides taking a lot of feet pictures last week, I also did some working out. But not too much because I was trying to rest up for the Sandman.

Monday - Swimming.

Tuesday - Running (5.7 miles @ 9:00).

Wednesday - Swimming.

Thursday - AM, run (3.6 miles @ 7:53 + 1.2 @ 11:00) ; PM, bike (17 miles @ 14mph). This was an easy pre-race spin. My (super old) tubes melted to my tires!? How was this even possible?

Friday - Rest.

Saturday - Rest.

Sunday - Sandman Triathlon.

I don’t really have any training goals for the upcoming week except I need to pick out some goal race(s) for the Fall. Suggestions?


Sandman Triathlon

2014-08-02 14.00.54 Sometimes it is fun to be spontaneous. Why spend months worrying about a race when you can sign up a few days before just for the fun of it? Training injuries, goal times? Who needs that!

About a week ago I started talking to a friend and fellow Mad Cow about the possibility of doing a race the following weekend. I was thinking local (TBF Tri for Fun or Real), but she told me that didn’t want to do the course again this year. Sad. However, she’d been looking at the Santa Cruz Sandman. Unfortunately she was only half considering it because it was an ‘away’ race and arranging last minute accommodations might be a problem. Little did she know that I grew up in Santa Cruz and could easily arrange a place to stay. Also I had been fantasizing about a beach vacation for weeks. I was excited by the prospect of escaping the hot Central Valley for a ladies weekend on the coast. Less than 24 hours later we had signed up for the race and were busily planning.

We left early on Saturday because traffic can be a pain. After dropping off our bikes, we headed out for a day of touristy activities – walking around the Pacific Garden Mall and cruising the beach. We eventually made our way to the race site to test out the water (literally). After spending much of my training in a heated pool, I was definitely concerned about it being too cold. There was nothing to worry about because the water was warm and it was quite sunny. Dolphins made an appearance, as did two seals.

2014-08-02 13.58.35-1
After spending some time in the sun, a cold beverage was in order. Here was the view of Capitola Pier from Mr. Toot’s cafe. 2014-08-02 15.34.41

We spent a bit more time walking along the beach (and people watching) and then headed to a family friend’s for some good conversation and lots of food. And then the evening went downhill.

Around dinner I started to feel really nervous and my stomach got a bit upset. It was making very audible grumbly noises and everyone thought I was hungry (I wasn’t). As I was packing the car, I noticed my rear bike tire was flat. Fun! I set about changing it. Even though I’ve changed quite a few tires, it didn’t go well. It was dark and I was tired. On top of that my tube was partially melted to my tire(!?). And then my quick release fell into a few pieces… At this point I was pretty much giving up hope of racing less than 12 hours later. But my friend kept her cool and told me that we should have the race mechanic check it out before making any decisions. We got my bike put back together, but we had missed our bedtime by an hour. And of course I didn’t sleep well because I was stressing about my bike…

Race day came bright and early. And by bright I mean it was super foggy and cold. See.

2014-08-03 06.21.34How easy it is to forget that the beach doesn’t warm up until the afternoon. On the upside the ocean was super glassy.

The race started with a 0.75 mile ocean. The start was on the far side of the pillars (above). We were to loop around the ship and then swim along the shore for a while before heading in. I got in the water a few minutes before the start and my feet immediately froze. There was no visibility and horrible pebbles all under the water. As the men took off, I started to think that the race was an awful idea.

My wave started 10 minutes after the men. I hobbled over the rocks and started to swim. I got about three strokes in and freaked out (race adrenaline + open water swimming + being confined in wetsuit). Rolling onto my back to catch my breath seem like the only good option. I considered getting assistance from one of the many water safety paddle boarders (thanks to all the lifeguards out there!), but while I was floating, I got an idea. Since I was quite comfortable on my back, what if I just stayed there. I proceeded to do back stroke all the way around the ship. So I kept it up all along the shore. When I got to the final buoy, I decided that I should probably start swimming properly so I sprinted to the shore. While this may have been a rather unconventional start to a race, I managed not to swallow any water and wasn’t particularly tired after.

T1 was quick (thanks to a tub of water to rinse the sand off) and the 13 mile bike loop was quite pleasant. The course was essentially my usual Sunday Santa Cruz bike loop. With home course advantage, I was not surprised by all the hills. I enjoyed the fine mist and managed to toss my gel packet into a trash can. Go me. Some bitch yelled at me for drafting (ie told me that she memorized my number and was going to have me thrown out of the race). I’m sorry, but it is really hard to maintain three bike lengths from someone when you are trying to pass on an uphill on a road that is not closed to traffic. It must suck to be passed by someone in a running shirt on a steel frame bike when your full kit perfectly matches your $3K triathlon bike. I wouldn’t know though… She eventually passed me on the last downhill, but I caught her less than 5 minutes into the run. And I smiled because I play nice.

Elevation profile of bike loop.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.05.29 PM

The run portion of the course was a four mile out and back on sand. I usually try to maintain 7:30/mile for triathlons, but running on sand was hard. I quickly determined that 7:50 (my half marathon pace) was much more manageable. My breathing was fine, but I was constantly trying not to twisting my ankle. The run went okay, but I am definitely going to feel it in my feet/ankles/calves tomorrow. Everyone was super friendly and encouraging.

Bike + run course.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.05.17 PM

Overall I had a fabulous weekend and will definitely consider this race next year. My friend also had a good time (though I will not speak for her) and all in all it was a great idea for a ladies weekend. I also ran into a friend from elementary school, which was fun

Things I liked:
-Very different course from anything that I’ve experienced.
-Cool temperatures.
-Beautiful scenery.
-Very well supported swim.
-Super fast race results.
-Friendly atmosphere.

Things I didn’t like:
-For $90 entry fee, I expect a little more food than half a banana and some coconut water. Shame on you Whole Foods.
-Please provide more bathroom options…

2014-08-03 10.53.20

Lunchtime Distance Workout

2014-07-30 12.01.11I’m supposed to be working right now. But I have been wildly unproductive for the past hour so I thought it would be a good time to take a break and blog my workout today.

Today was not a usual swim day. I always swim in the evening, but I was working from home and decided to get a swim in on my lunch. This was a nice change because the pool was a lot cooler and I got to splash around in the sun. Maybe a distance set isn’t exactly splashing around, but you get the idea. Swimming is mostly fun (in comparison to work!) so I’ll take my pool break anytime I can get it.

The distance was mostly 100s and we got through all but 100 of round 4. It was a relatively easy set and definitely a nice break after the hot and horrible running XC workout I did the night before. I was lane leader and feel quite bad now because I messed up the set. Instead of focusing on how much rest my lane was getting (not much), I was obsessing about work. I am also not certain I got the distances correct… In conclusion, my lanemates were shorted 5 seconds rest on every 100. I wish someone would have said something because I was not paying attention.

Another fail on my part was that I was supposed to warm-up for 10 minutes in a wetsuit. Let me explain. I signed up a triathlon that requires a wetsuit. It has been roughly 15 years since I’ve worn one and it is best not to test out gear on race day. This is especially important because I tend to panic in open water and being squeezed into a wetsuit is probably not going to improve the situation. Today was going to be my last swim workout of the week (tapering for the race) and I couldn’t go through with wearing it. Some excuses included not wanting to lugging it to the pool and potentially getting weird looks/laughed at. A friend who I ran into at practice suggested I try it on in the bath tub… While I appreciate her input, I think I will have get over my fears and swim on Friday.

In other news, my very early birthday presents to myself were waiting for me when I got home from work. ;)

2014-07-30 18.03.25Now I just need to decided what kind of popsicle to make.

And because I always appreciate product links – shoes in charcoal/stripes and popsicle molds.

No IM Swimming Love

2014-07-28 18.11.53


Blarg. Today was an IM day and I felt like crap. Tired + arms hurt stomach issues/and I don’t know why. I didn’t work out particularly hard over the weekend and I ate rather well during the day. As a result, I slowly swam freestyle for the entire set. This was rather out of character as I love to follow protocols, recipes, workout calendars, whatever. Part of the general malaise could have been the peanut butter I ate right before practice. But I eat peanut butter all the time before (running) workouts and it has never impacted my performance. Maybe I was stressed because I have a work deadline hanging over my head and I am no where near completing it? Or that I need to drive 20 minutes to rent a wetsuit when I probably should have bought one when they were on sale a few months back? At the time I was convinced I was never going to need one (not racing again…), but here I am doing a triathlon next week and water temps are predicted to be 64F. Oh well. I’ll write off this workout as a complete loss and hope that I feel better tomorrow. I’m sure 6am yoga will be a nice way to start my day. Happy Monday. I hope your workout faired better than mine.  ; )



Workout week (in review) and ‘Everybody Gossips’

I spend at least an hour a day working out. And a lot of that time is spent with friends. Talking inevitably happens because really what else is there to do. When I hated my job, I had a lot to say in the ‘work talk’ department. But now that I am happy at work, I’ve started to talk about things that are personal. Oh, and of course there is a fair amount of gossip thrown in too. As the Freakanomics podcast notes, “Everybody Gossips (and That’s a Good Thing)“. While it might be advantageous from an economic standpoint, I’m not sure that it is good for me… I spend way to much time rethinking (regretting?) past conversations when I should be focusing on other things. It is also strange that I worry more about stories that I’ve told about myself than other people. Which brings into question exactly why I have a blog if I do not like over-sharing… ;)  This fear is probably ridiculous on my part because I seriously doubt anyone remembers much of what I said five minutes after I said it. That said, I think my mantra for next week should be chat less and listen more.

Monday -

Tuesday - 30 mins strength (weighted squats mostly); 30 mins yoga. I had an 11 hour day and missed the GVH speed workout. It was probably for the best because I spent four hours in the tomato field and was rather hot and tired when I got home. I was sore from this workout for three days. Yikes.

Wednesday - Swimming + 3.5 mile dog walk.

Thursday - AM running; PM core. Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.20.13 PM

I definitely could not have run those splits by myself. But entertaining stories were told and time passed quickly. I had big plans to put in a few more miles after work (to make up for no running on Tuesday), but that didn’t happen.

Friday - Swimming + 2.5 mile dog walk.

Saturday - Running (six miles easy). Once again I skipped GVH (but for a good reason = help a friend move). I’m happy to say that I got up at 7am and ran for about an hour. Besides the first mile or so (done with the pups who were not down with running), I kept pretty good time.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.28.43 PM

Sunday –  Cycling (21 miles @ 15mph) + yoga. It was weird weather…overcast, but muggy. I wasn’t really feeling like pushing it. Hopefully I didn’t bring my cycling partner down.

Impression of the week – I only ran 10 miles?! This was down six miles from the week before and another six from the week before that. Definitely not a good trend. I can’t even use sickness/work/etc as an excuse. I have just been plain lazy in the running department. I will give myself another week to slack (taper…) and then find a half marathon or an olypic distance triathlon to train for.

Race suggestions?