California International Triathlon

DSC_0788Happy July 4th! Hope everyone is enjoying grilling, cold beverages, and fireworks!

When people find out I do triathlons, they inevitably ask me if I’ve done an Ironman. That would be a no. I actually had not done more than a sprint (approx 800m swim; 16-18 mile bike; 3-4 mile run) until last Sunday. While I raced four triathlons last year (and placed in my age group for all of them), I started to feel like a not so legitimate triathlete because I stuck (clung?) to shorter distances. Two people who recently joined the Mad Cows Tri Team were already racing Olympics less than two months after their first tri?! Why wasn’t I…?

A plan was made to sign up for a race. Anything other than an Olympic distance (1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run) was ruled out because I was not properly trained. I’m not about to suffer through a 56 or 112 mile bike ride just because… The options in the immediate future were TBF Tri for Real #2 or California International Triahtlon. Tri for Real was ruled out because I’ve raced most of the course before = boring. Also, being that it is Summer in the Central Valley, running a 10K on a fire road with no shade is less than ideal. I didn’t know anything about CIT and signed up without looking at the course or past race results or the race start. M signed up too because he wanted a practice race to prepare for harder tri a month later.

A little back story… Racing makes me anxious. As do crowds. And being late to anything. Spoiler alert. It is hard to be early to a 6:50AM race start at venue that is 1hr20 mins outside of town. Also, CIT? Kind of a big deal in the Bay Area. And the Bay Area, well, it has a lot of people compared to Davis!

Race day started at 355AM. The ride to Pleasanton was rather uneventful and I arrived to something that looked like this.DSC_0787 Yikes. That is A LOT of bikes. Not shown = fit looking people with time trial helmets. My aluminum frame borrowed bike did not stand a chance… Anyway, I took one look at the athletes and the transition area and the time (~45 mins to race start!) and I started to have panic attack. I set up my gear the best I could and headed off in search of a bathroom, which is rather necessary for a three hour morning race. While the bathroom was conveniently located near the entrance of transition, I did not have much time. So no potty break.

SWIM – 0.9 miles
By the time I got to the water I was crying. No joke. I was freaking out that much. There were approximately 100 people in my wave, about 5x more than I usually see at TBF events. M told me that I could not start or I could relax and just treat this as a workout. All the people in my wave got in between two buoys, and when my wave took off, I was still in the water outside of the roped off starting zone. I stood there for a few seconds more and decided that I should probably suck it up and swim. I ducked under the rope and took off. Not starting with the others was kind of a blessing in disguise. Sure I lost half a minute or so, but I also missed out on being kicked in the face and having to crawl past the masses. This, plus the warm (74F) water led to a very pleasant and uneventful swim.

Still in relaxation mode, I chatted it up with a relay racer (waiting for their swimmer) as I scarfed down five shot blocks and put on my bike shoes.

BIKE – 40K
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.55.53 PMEleven miles of climbing and then a 15 mile decent. The theme for the bike was – oh look, another person on a time trial bike passed me. Actually I like hills and managed to keep up with the women around me for the climb (and some men too!), but everyone blew past me on the decent. M passed me around mile six. About halfway through the climb I started to have the feeling that I’d been there before. In fact, I had, for the Cinderella Classic. It is always nice to be on a familiar course. The road was well marked and I was happy to see an aid station at mile 11 (although I did not need it). The only downside was there was so much broken glass in the bike lane. I am thankful I did not get a flat (though I saw at least three people who did). I also managed to cut my leg opening a GU. Sad.

T2 – Potty break.
Remember how I said that I didn’t have time to go to the bathroom in the morning? Well I figured I should stop for a potty break before starting the 10K run. 😉

RUN – 10K

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.33.01 AMThis was a two lap course on a levee. While there wasn’t much shade, there were three aid stations (yes!) and every single one of them had COLD water. I cannot tell you how amazing this is considering I’ve been to races that ran out of water.

DSC_0786The views were nice and I tried to pace myself given that I had get through two laps. The whole 90ft elevation gain was kind of a joke. I felt like I was running up and down all the time! Ok, so maybe I walked a few of the hills… I guess GPS cannot pick up levee inclines. My overall splits were not too bad considering.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.50.06 AM

I crossed the finish line and was immediately handed a massive race medal and a bottle of water wrapped in a super absorbent towel. M and I agreed that this was probably the best post-race refreshment ever. I wandered around and looked for my mom who had come down for the race. When I found her I was still feeling rather drained and wasn’t much for talking. A shower at the beach (no baby wipe clean-up!) and post-race burrito fixed that!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.40.45 AMI did not really a goal time and M tells me this is not a bad time, especially considering this was my first olympic triathlon.

Overall, the race was really well organized and at a decent venue. There were so many positives:
+Warm lake and swimming around perimeter makes sighting quite easy.
+Fun bike.
+Lots of aid stations and cold towel at the finish.
+Post-race showers!!!!

Will I do the race again? Probably not. But only because I’m too lazy to get up at 4am. Also, too many people for my comfort. 😉

Thanks to my mom for all the photos (above) and cheering me on, and M for racing with me.

It’s been a while!

Long time away from the blog. 😉 A friend told me I should keep my online presence happy. Since I have been in a bit (okay, more than a bit) of a funk recently, I’ve tried to keep away from the interwebs. But I’m feeling a bit better now so it’s time for a long overdue life update.

#1 I’ve started biking 2-3x per week!? I’m not going to lie, I don’t love the whole cycling thing. Because I’m relatively slow, I get dropped on rides. All – the – time. This is extremely frustrating and depresses me from a fitness standpoint. My bike is a tank. Steel frame; 27lbs. So much effort to pedal around. In addition, cycling clothes are less than cute and it takes forever (okay maybe only 15 minutes) to get onto a road that I like to bike on. One of my favorite riding partners moved to GA in January. Sad. The list goes on and on. So yeah, very little riding this Spring.

A couple of months ago my cycling situation changed. I borrowed a bike. And got it fitted to me. It is amazing how much easier it feels to pedal around aluminum. And then one of my friends started training for her first triathlon! And another friend from yoga got injured (sad), but took up biking instead. So I’ve actually had two amazing ladies to ride with! This has been great fun. I also picked up some adorable bike shorts (on sale!) to motivate me in my training. Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.45.27 AM

These are spin shorts (Lulu Pedal Pace), but I’ve been wearing them outside on ~20 mile rides and have been super happy with fit and saddle comfort, without the huge diaper butt. I’m really hoping Lulu branches out and makes a cycling top as well because I really want a long tank with back pockets for phone and GU. Hint hint.

#2 I’ve have been racing a lot. Tahoe Relay. This was a relay race around Lake Tahoe. I did okay, but was not properly trained, and my body felt destroyed for days. DSC_1094It was fun to hang out with family and friends though (boating and kayaking for the win).

California International Triathlon. More about this later (maybe?), but I will say this was my first Olympic Triathlon (!) and it went pretty well. I think I prefer longer distance races. Sprinting is just not my thing. And the race support – aid stations with cold water and cold towel after – was definitely appreciated. No love for 400+ people though and rather competitive field…

#3 The lab garden plot is bumping. 2015-06-29 11.50.33 2015-06-29 11.50.41This is a single day harvest!? We should start selling at the farmer’s market or something to subsidize our coffee breaks. Speaking of coffee breaks, I don’t drink coffee, but I have been spending ridiculous amounts of money on tea and pastries as a morning treat. As of yesterday, I decided this must stop. I am still taking morning break with coworkers, but I am packing all of my snacks. Yesterday, homemade banana bread and green tea. Today, pie and green tea. Yum.

#4 Did I mention that I’m currently loving Lululemon? Perhaps the new spin shorts (and the Lulu shorts I’m sporting at Tahoe) gave it away. I’m currently eying the Define Jacket.

2015-06-27 15.54.00


I know it is going to be 107F today, but I really think I ‘need’ this. It fits perfectly and will be a great motivator for half ironman training.

#5 Half ironman training starts July 13th. Yikes.Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.13.20 AM

Ice Breaker Triathlon

2015-04-18 11.42.12I feel sad every time I think about the extreme drought California is experiencing. I don’t want to get preachy, but seriously, if you live in CA, it is time to start thinking about water usage. I know livestock, almonds, golf courses, whatever, take up a lot of water, but every bit counts. You can check out my friend Melissa’s blog for some ideas about home water-saving solutions. She’s done an amazing job installing a rain catchment system, targeted watering for fruit trees, etc. I wish I had a yard to do the same. Public service announcement over. On to more fun topics like racing!

About 10 days ago I did a triathlon (the Ice Breaker) in a very dry Folsom Lake. I’ve never done this race before but was not really prepared for the half mile barefoot run to transition. Ok, so I really wasn’t prepared for the race period. I’d been on my bike maybe three times prior. And did not bother to pre-ride or even check the rather technical course (windy bike course, moderately hilly trail run). None of this really mattered because I just needed to just start triathlon season with any race to motivate me to identify weaknesses and train harder. Spoiler alert. I suck at biking, shocking I know given the amount of times I’ve been on my bike in the past six months! I had zero expectation going into the race and kind of just wanted to see what happened.

I arrived at the race about an hour before the race start and proceeded to pick up my number, get body marked, and lay out all my things. One of my favorite race morning activities is to check out how fit the participants look (very) and psych myself out. I guess it is good to start panicking on race morning and not the night before? Since I am rather quick when it comes to set-up, I had a lot of time to do this. I might have changed into my wetsuit a bit early and was roasting (way too hot for April…) while hanging around. Despite having a lot of time on my hands I made it down to the water with only about eight minutes to spare.

A friend of a friend did a triathlon back in March and went on and on about how important it is to splash water on your face for cold water acclimatization. She likes to do this in the days leading up to the race. Since I am not a big fan of cold in general, I saved this particular activity for race morning. As soon as I got down to the water I made sure to submerge my face. I also swam around a bit to ‘warm-up’ a bit. But it didn’t help (not enough time). I often position myself at the back of the swimming pack because I am not very confident in my swimming abilities. However, I decided that I am over getting kicked in the face and positioned myself at front this time around. This worked out quite well as I did not get kicked (or passed?) once. The 800m swim was uneventful and I was probably in the water for a little over 16 minutes plus a few minutes to get back to the parking lot. My wetsuit was comfortable (thanks XTERRA!). My goggles didn’t leak. All good.

Up until this point in the race I had been thinking ‘this might not be so bad’. And then I got on my bike and started regretting signing up in the first place. First, everyone I had kept ahead of in the swim started passing me. Second, I am not a very confident cyclist and the windy, narrow roads with downhills were rather scary for me. The only saving grace of ride was going back up again. I was ranked 36th on the swim and 83rd on the bike. I think that just about summarizes how the ride went. 😉

Yay for running! This is the part where I actually get to pass people who dropped me on the bike. I usually look for ladies in my age group to pick off, but funny enough I only saw men. I was also excited by the trail aspect. While I do not actually train on trails, I tend to be slightly better when there are hills involved. Also it is fun to have a change in scenery.

Unfortunately the run was less than fun. I was physically (or maybe just mentally) exhausted after about 1.3 miles. My average moving pace was between 7-8min/mile, which is not bad for trail running, but there were also four breaks thrown in the mix. Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.56.56 PMThese were not walking breaks. I actually stopped and stood by the trail for a while. That said I managed to run four miles in 31 minutes which is nothing to complain about. It was a fun run course though. Lot of shade, nice trail, views of the lake.

I crossed the finish line just under 1:40. I wandered around a bit complaining how awful it was, but after some pasta, I was feeling better. (As an aside, why does race pasta sauce stain mouth an unfortunate orange color? No love for this.) There were also cute dresses at the finish, which helped keep my mind off the race. Thanks to M for waiting around while I tried a bunch of them on and eventually bought one as a post-race present to myself. Despite my complaints of poor race performance, I managed 2nd in my age group. This was a bit of a surprise. But I’ll take it. 😉

2015-04-18 11.36.17Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.11.15 PM

Things I liked about the race:
-9am race start.
-Small event.
-Cute clothes for sale at the finish.
-Decent swim in not too dirty or cold lake.
-Trail running is nice change of pace. Extra points for shade on the course.
-Racing with friends. Who thought it was a good idea to take this picture?

2015-04-18 11.39.51

Things I did not like:
-Running up to transition. Next time I’ll wear booties or bring sandals.
-Biking. Ug. I am seriously thinking about quitting cycling because I am so bad at it.

Overall it was a fun race. This was made even more fun by the company. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for next year.

Coin Toss

Sometimes I suffer from the inability to make decisions. Where to grab dinner? What to wear? Swim or run? Often times, for little things, I just don’t care. And secretly hope someone else will choose for me. Take racing for example. I’m not super excited about racing. I like pushing myself, and races are a great venue for this. Also it is fun to race with friends. Shared experiences and all that. But I rarely think to myself: ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome freeze my ass off in a wetsuit and then get passed a bunch on the bike?’ That said, why do I spend spend a good part of my evenings working out if I’m not going to race ever? Sadly, there are races in my area almost every single weekend. Too many choices leads to a lot of indecision.

With a few hard races on my calendar – Tahoe Relay (June – 10.6 mile run) and Donner Lake Triathlon (July – Olympic Distance Tri with lots of hill climbing) – I need to start training. Last month would have been preferable, but there is no time like the present right? I could find a training plan online (too much effort and not enough swimming) or I test my current fitness level with a race. Conveniently there is a race this Saturday. It is called the Ice Breaker and there is both a sprint triathlon and a duathlon. Decisions, decisions.

I attempted to make the decision making process easier by weighing the pros and cons of each race.

DU – Pros
Short bike –> likely that I’ll be more competitive as it is my weakest sport.
No swim –> the name ‘Ice Breaker’ says it all.
Try out a new race distance.

DU – Cons
I do not have proper bike shoes.
8am race start.

TRI – Pros
9am race start. Lots of time to breakfast and drive to race start.
Test out my new wetsuit.
Four other people from tri team racing. Nice to have company.

TRI – Cons
Swimming –> definitely not my favorite.
Brick and bike training is severely lacking –> the race might hurt.

After going back and forth between the two races for quite some time with no clear winner (read waste of time), I decided to leave the decision up to chance. I flipped a coin. No joke. I flipped a coin and then signed up within five minutes before I had a chance to think about it anymore.

So I’m doing a triathlon on Saturday. Hopefully this will be the wake up call I need to start biking in preparation for Summer racing. Wish me luck!

21 minute 5K?

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.05.37 PMLast Summer I was all about training for a 22 minute 5K. This came about because of a bet over homemade quiche and I went with it because winning is fun. And quiche is delicious. I exceeded my expectations and ran 21:35 in August. And still have the scars to prove it. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the quiche. But it was worth it. So I got to thinking. What if I tried to break 21 minutes this year?

I asked my friend what he could incentivize me with. “I’ll bake something of your choice.” Excellent….! Sadly, a 21 minute 5K is a rather ambitious as it will require me to shave 40 seconds off somewhere. That sounds hard if not impossible. But August (or September) is half a year away. And beside being sad a lot, I’m otherwise healthy and in decent shape all things considered.

To test this theory, I decided to attempt a GVH speed workout at my desired 5K pace (6:40 min/mile) instead of my actual one (6:55 min/mile).

The speed workout of the week was:
1.5 mile warm-up
4 X 1200m at 5K pace with recovery equal to interval time
1.5 mile cool-down

How did I do?

Warm-up 9:09
Intervals 6:38
Cool-down 8:13

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.05.22 PMYay!!!! Pretty much nailed it (for actual distance/times see stats below). So what does this mean for a 21 minute 5K? I’m not really sure… Clearly I can run 6:40 for 0.75 miles. However, 4:30 mins is a lot of recovery time that I will not have in a race. On the other hand, if I keep this up for a few months I may not need as much recovery time. Being that I am struggling with motivation right now I am not entirely sure I should get hopes up. So right now I think there is about a 40% chance I can do it.

What is my training plan? Attend more speed workouts and avoid sandbagging. Sleep enough. Drink lots of water. The only problem is I don’t feel like running. At all.

On an related tangent, some people thought it was funny (odd?) that I was carrying around a bag of lemon drops and peach rings before and after the workout.


I needed a quick afternoon snack and it seemed to do the trick. I’ve eaten lemon heads during bike centuries and they are amazing to suck on during hard climbs. Why not have two before a run? And just in case you are curious, candy tastes about 1000x better than Gu chomps. Just saying. 😉

Split Time Distance Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg Pace
1 09:34.9 1 9:35
2 03:58.7 0.46 7 8:43
3 05:11.3 0.76 6:47
4 03:32.5 0.05 0
5 05:00.4 0.77 6:30
6 04:33.7 0.09 49:57:00
7 04:56.6 0.75 6:34
8 04:48.6 0.16 29:21:00
9 05:06.5 0.76 2 6:43
10 01:47.4 0.03 51:41:00
11 08:01.5 1 8 8:02
12 03:26.6 0.41 8:24
Summary 59:59.0 6.25 8 9 9:31


Baby Steps

photo 1Last week I went to the dentist and was reprimanded for my bad dental hygiene. You see, I hadn’t flossed in about three months. Now this may be standard for some people, but I used to be one of those people who actually flossed daily. It seems silly to drop habit that is so simple and so short. But I let it go along with meal planning. Oh, and I gained 5lbs, probably from a combination of snacking and not working out as much. Cue freak out.

There has been plenty of that going around recently. But I had to take a step back and remind myself that I cannot do everything at once. So I made a relatively small goal for myself this past week: floss once a day. The meal planning and becoming more toned can wait for another week or month. And you know what, I actually made good progress as I only skipped one day!

As for progress in other areas of my life, I’ve done some workout wardrobe decluttering. (As an aside, check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which advocates step-by-step decluttering for more peace and calm in the home.) While I love clothes, I enjoy being able to see what I have and also avoid guilt over unworn pieces. Where did I start? Race shirts!

photo 2I’ve collected a fair amount of race tech tees. This is not my entire collection. Still, yikes. While they are good remembrances of past race, I actually don’t wear them all that often as they are not as cute as some of my tanks and way too warm for Davis Summer running. Anyway, I donated:
#1 Ragnar 2011. Gray is too dull and I need some color in my life right now.
#2 Tennis Club Shirt. I picked this up at a race and while I love the fabric, I feel weird advertising an organization I know nothing about and will never be part of.
#3 Turkey Trot. Trashed it. It was stained and smelly.

So that is a small step toward Spring cleaning. Remind me not to pick up anymore race shirts.

Now onto workouts of the week.

Monday – Swimming. Sprints. <3

Tuesday – Circuit training. It was St. Patty’s Day and I was crunched for time due to dinner party preparations. I did a really simple and quick circuit in my backyard:
4 min warm-up (2 min jumping rope; 2 mins butt kicks)
5 X [10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, 25 yard ‘sprint’]  <— 1:17-1:40
5 min cool-down (jogging)
The inspiration was Google. 😉 Seriously though, this took me less than 14 minutes and I was sore for days. No joke. Apparently I have no muscles.

Wednesday – 1.9 mile run; 45 minute K/P set.

Thursday – 4.3 mile running. I used to have a weekly AM run date, but it hasn’t been happening for the past few months. We started up again (though I am not sure one running date constitutes a trend) and it was painful.Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.57.04 PM

Very proud of my splits though. And hope it keeps up as I don’t push myself otherwise.

Friday – N/A.

Saturday – Hill run and 1hr beach walk. Walking on sand (and chasing down dogs) is hard! As for the hill…I was so so slow (11min/mile on the climb). Hopefully GVHers who are looking for Tahoe Relays teammates do not read this as I will definitely be picked last. Love running hills though.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.58.41 PM

Sunday – N/A. Remember how I said I’ve been freaking out a bit? Well, kind of had meltdown on Saturday and went out for girls night to calm myself down. More than my fair share of cocktails later (not constructive I know), I bailed on my Sunday run date (still feeling awful for this) and instead spent a lot of the morning sleeping. I got it together later and got my chores done. I still couldn’t bring myself to do yoga or buy food…

In summary, I didn’t workout all that much. But it is all about focusing on little changes and hopefully things will come together later.

Lucky Run

DSC_0798Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I had wanted to get this post up days ago. But I didn’t. Blogging fail.

Almost two weeks ago I participated in the Lucky Run. It’s a St. Patty’s Day themed half marathon. As I mentioned earlier, I was co-pacing the 2:15 group and didn’t exactly train for the race. Not only had I not run more than 11 miles in months (and that was broken into two runs), I had no idea what 10:18 pace felt like. This led to a bit of pre-race anxiety. Would I be able to finish the race? Would I be able to maintain an unfamiliar pace?

20150307_101808Race day started early. I decided to organize the Golden Valley Harriers booth (above) to give our running club some publicity and also have a place for pacers to meet/store things. I got there around 645am and with the help of two others from the club (if you are reading this, thanks!), got our tent up in no time. Then I hung out for the next hour. Other pacers started to arrive and pick up their signs, and I got to meet the person I was pacing with. The weather was perfect – sunny, high 40s, and no wind.

I got to the race start about five minutes before the race and found a spot behind the 10:00min/mile sign. I started chatting with my co-pacers, fellow GVHers, and some people who thought they might want to do 2:15. One woman was rather nervous as it was her first half marathon and we tried to give her some race advice like not going out too fast. My co-pacer had written our mile splits on his arm and I had my Garmin to check up on times. The ‘gun’ went off and I started my watch. We pace by gun and not chip time. For a smaller race like this, there is not too much of a difference.

The first few miles flew by. I mostly chatted with my co-pacer and tried to maintain correct pace. The course is rather boring (sorry ACOP) as the first seven (?) miles are along a highway so I focused more on talking (lots of fun!) and less on looking at things around me. We had a good group of about six people at this point. Everyone seemed in good spirits. It was also motivating see cars pass by and honk. No one tried to run us off the road either (ahem, Napa Ragnar).

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.44.37 PMI made sure to stop at every water stop as I was not carrying water. From past half marathons I’ve learned that I have to drink or else I get super dehydrated.

Somewhere between mile six and seven we lost one of the runners in our group to a side stitch. This was sad because after an hour of running, I’d grown a bit attached to the runners in our group. As it was her first half I was hoping that she’d stay strong the whole way. I knew she would not be able to catch back up to us so I ran back and explained that I could not stay with her, but wished her luck. A group of guys made some snarky comments that I was trying to show off (because I was running backward on the course). I will not comment on this.

After we left the freeway, the course wound around North Davis greenbelt and surrounding neighborhoods. While I love running on the greenbelt, I kind of wanted to cut through the neighborhoods and be done with the race. 😉 I’m not a big fan on looping back near paths I’ve already been on. The upside of this is that I could see a lot of other pacers at different points in the course and had fun cheering for them. We also still had a good group of people with us so it made the time pass more quickly. Around this time we also started discussing sweeping the course, running back from the finish to find people we’d dropped along the way.

Too often I fall apart during the last mile of a race. I’ve been known to watch and / or tell people I’m running with that I’m dying. Maybe because of the slower pace or because I felt that I had to stay strong for those around me I did not have the desire to walk and felt relatively cheery despite tired legs. A friend and fellow GVHer / unofficial club photographer was on the course around mile 12 to document the race. It was nice to see a familiar face when close to the end of the race. Oh look, I’m still running.

Love my socks. Next year I will get a tutu to match.

The last mile went by quickly. Yet another friend was cheering near the finishing shoot. Wow, I have amazing friends. 😉 We crossed the finish line a bit before 2:15. The official race stats were:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.43.11 AM

From my Garmin (not including 0.7 mile cool-down/course sweeping):

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.24.53 AM

I might left my watch running as I snacked on a banana at the GVH tent before heading out on the course again. I ran back about 4/10ths of a mile from the finish and spotted the first-time half marathoner. She was clearly struggling and crying a bit. I held her hand and tried to encourage her (not my forte) up until the finish. I am super proud that she made it, but sad that it was a struggle. Her family took photos of us. I’m not going to post them because I did not track her down to ask her permission. But I am happy that I went back to find her.

How did the pacing go? From a time standpoint, we were about 15 seconds off goal time. As an aside, this might not seem like much, but it was nowhere close to the excellent timing of a lot of the other pacers. 😉 The mile splits tell an “interesting” story. Here are the stats for the first 8 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.38.19 AMYikes, we were kind of all over the place. The 7 mile split is a bit misleading because that is when I ran back on the course to check in on the woman we lost. But the other spits are pretty spot-on. We managed to slow down a bit over the last five miles to get closer to our goal time. But I think if I were a runner, I would be a bit cranky with the 10 min miles thrown in there. Lucky for us, no one voiced this opinion.

Thoughts from the race.

#1 It is really hard to maintain 10:18. As soon as I stopped looking at my watch I naturally picked up the pace. I feel that I spent the entire race trying to hold back. I’m sure with experience (and practice!) this will become easier. I definitely want to try to pace 2:15 again to see if I can improve on this.

#2 Pacing is a lot of fun! I had a great time chatting with my co-pacer and hearing inspirational stories of runners we met on the course. A family member of a runner was going to steal milk because they were starving and then kind person bought them all their groceries that day. A woman PR’d and another finished their first half. Amazing.

#3 Next time I’ll train better for half marathon. I felt fine during the race, but could do without being sore the next day.

With that in mind, I’m officially in triathlon training mode and did my first brick last Sunday (more on this in a upcoming post, I hope).



I’ve been away for over two months. During this period there have been a lot of big life changes. J moved out and I am having a really hard time adjusting. So many things I miss… I won’t list them, but life pretty much sucks. I’ve tried to keep up with the training, but it hasn’t been happening. Blogging hasn’t happened either. Getting out of bed is hard. My March calendar is looking sad so far.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.28.47 PM

While I know I should give myself credit for even running (or something like that), I definitely gotten off track. I’ve dropped at least one run and swim each week. Yoga and biking are mostly non-existent. Even worse, I’m signed up to pace a half marathon on Saturday. I am kind of scared. Every other half has been preceded by strict training plan. Twelve mile training runs done. Healthy diet? Yes. Did I mention that I rarely ever run over 9 miles anymore and have no idea what a 10:20 min/mile feels like? At least my goal finish time is 20+ mins slower than my slowest half. And I have cute socks to wear.

You can buy them here or on Amazon.

In other news, it seems to be Spring in Davis. This means cleaning and gardening. To this effect, I threw away some of my race medals.

2015-02-28 10.09.46


Here they are prior to the purge. I have completed more races than this, but do not always end up collecting medals. While they are a nice reminder of my achievement, it seems a bit wasteful and they take up space on my jewelry rack. That said, the Ragnar medal is a bottle opener and a friend was actually using it at a party I attended this week. Awesome!

As for the garden, my mom is amazing and bought me a bunch of flowers. Excited to put them in after the race this weekend. And to have some color in the yard. Also, thankful to have her there as gardening was a favorite activity that J and I did together…so I’ll probably be sad, especially if I do it alone.



Lastly, still loving my pups.2015-02-25 22.38.43They’ve been accompanying me on almost every run (except for ‘long’ runs). This is a bit of a pain for me (juggling two dogs is hard!), but they seem to really enjoy it. I came across two dog-centered races today so maybe there will be a doggie dash in the future.

Happy Holidays

2014-12-21 12.47.32Gave up on blogging for a month because life got in the way. Not sure if I’ll be back to blogging again, but I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!2014-12-13 14.40.47

Despite my internet silence, I’ve got big plans for triathlons in 2015. I even got myself a new pair of shoes and fun pink lock laces to help with training. 2014-12-25 11.07.30My last pair of Adidas Energy Boosts have served me well.

2014-12-21 10.21.46

As for New Year’s resolutions, I haven’t really made many. I need to keep hydrated (no joke).

Bye 2014. It’s been an interesting year.




Swim workout: KICKING/PULLING + Brr!!!

2014-11-26 18.12.57Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I could be prepping for the festivities tomorrow, but instead I’m chilling on the couch, sipping tea, and recovering from my first swim workout in two weeks.

First off, what is with this inflatable turkey? It was on the pool deck at practice today so of course I had to take a picture…

2014-11-26 19.22.54

Other than the decoration, the swim set was pretty uneventful. The pool felt cold (like outdoor pools in Fall often are). I felt way better than I expected considering I’ve been out of the pool for a bit. I excelled at kicking and kept up for the pulling. Not much has changed.

Not that anyone remembers back to a year ago, but one of my fitness goals for 2014 was to move up to lane 5. Looks like it is not going to happen. Looking back, for this to have happened, I probably would have had to add another swim day during the week. Or upped my intensity significantly. Or worked on my swim technique. In any case, just swimming 2-3 days a week was not enough (no surprise there). I’m not that sad because I rather like my lanemates (for the most part). And I just don’t really feel that I have the time to put into training given the other things I am doing. Maybe next year!

And to wrap up my Thanksgiving post…

Things I am thankful for:
-Family, friends, and puppies. Companionship makes life worth living.
-Yummy food and my talent for cooking it.
-A stable job that I love with a boss who is not crazy.
-Injury free and probably more fit than I’ve ever been, including a -1:30 minute 5K PR this Summer.
-GVH, DAM, and Mad Cows. Working out with friends is so much more fun.
-Living in Davis. I am truly lucky to live in a safe town where I can bike to work or downtown in 10 minutes or less.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

What are you thankful for?